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Fur Buying Help!

June 2, 2016

Do you own a fur coat or are considering purchasing one?  Fur is one of the most luxurious items you can buy.  We at Belle Fare aim to give you information on each type of fur so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle.  Fur is an investment piece…the more informed you are, the happier you will be with your purchase!

Let’s begin with the most luxurious fur we sell, mink.

6014_GREYMink is…

* Plush, elegant and light weight.  It is rich and glossy, with brown being its most natural state.  Mink is the most popular fur sold when it comes to coats.  Mink is appropriate for occasions casual to formal.  It tends to be pricey, but it is durable and will last for years of wear.


The next most luxurious fur we sell is shearling.


Shearling is…

* From lamb.  It is the warmest of all furs.  Shearling has high-fashion appeal and is typically heavier than other furs.  It has a sheared, velvety texture.


Another beautiful fur is, fox.

F80_V1Fox is…

* Full, fluffy, soft and warm.  Fox is very glamorous and striking.  It is used in high-fashion pieces and often light weight.  Fox is a very popular fur and is sold in a variety of colors and styles.  It is ideal for trims and accessories.


Next up on our list is, raccoon.


Raccoon is…

* Soft, fluffy and warm.  Raccoon is available in a wide range of colors.  Raccoon is similar to fox in that it is ideal for trims, cuffs and accessories.  It is also very durable while being elegant and beautiful.


The last fur on our list today is, Rex Rabbit.


Rex is…

* Warm yet light weight.  Rex is very affordable and is the most luxurious type of rabbit fur.  Rex doesn’t shed as much as rabbit fur does.  It is such a popular fur because of its versatility, affordability and beauty.  The texture is silky, velvety and plush.


We hope you are now a little more informed on the different types of fur we offer.  Head on over to to find the perfect fur for your wardrobe.  Happy shopping!


Fur in Film

May 26, 2016

Fur has played a prominent role in some of the biggest films of our time.  It has been a staple in people’s wardrobes from Medieval times to modern day.  The transformative quality of fur lends itself to many different eras of fashion.  We love how fur created such powerful moments in the movies below.  From “The Revenant” to “The Great Gatsby” fur has been memorable, striking and era defining. #BelleFare

Bridal Fur

May 24, 2016

It’s almost June…the most popular month to say “I do.”  From the runway to the aisle, fur has been showing up more and more in bridal looks.  Fur is very versatile, appealing to both the classic and fashion forward bride.  A fur bolero is the perfect reception dress addition and can be worn year-round due to its light weight quality.  Your wedding-day style should reflect exactly who you are.  A bride seeking glam, romance and sophistication need look no further than fur!  Below are a few fur bridal moments that we love.  The last row features fur pieces from our own collection that would be perfect for your special day!  When planning your bridal look, don’t forget to consider fur. #Bellefare

Long Weekend Packing Guide!

May 19, 2016

All of our favorite Summer holidays are right around the corner!  We can’t wait for long weekends, vacays, BBQ’s, and road trips!  Let’s be honest, FUR is probably the last thing that comes to mind when packing for your Summer trip.  Little did you know we at Belle Fare offer a wide range of fur items perfect for year-round use!  Warm up by the campfire in our cozy, cashmere scarf.  Make sure to pack a vest or raincoat for unexpected weather.  You can’t go wrong with our reversible, fox fur coat that folds up into a small bag…perfect for travel!  Summer is no reason to forget your fur, so pack wisely and enjoy your trip! #BelleFare

Fur on the Red Carpet!

May 17, 2016

Award season is in full swing.  The best part of award shows is seeing what our favorite celebs are wearing!  There is nothing more epic than a fur moment on the red carpet!  From stoles to coats, fur adds glam, drama and intrigue to these red carpet styles.  Below are a few of our favorite fur, red carpet moments of the past!  Striking and Show Stopping…FUR!

Class of 2016!

May 10, 2016

Graduation is just around the corner!  Have you picked that special gift for the graduate in your life yet?  A fur accessory is the perfect gift for a momentous occasion that is also cost effective.  Graduation is a time to remember and celebrate!  What better way to celebrate than with a FUR gift?!  Check below to see gift ideas…


Look Fabulous In Fur At Any Age!

May 10, 2016

You are never too young or old to wear fur!  Fur is timeless yet trendy, therefore appealing to women of all ages.  There are so many options of fur styles in fashion today, making it easy to find pieces suitable for your age group.  When picking a fur, always stay true to your personal style.  As you age, transition from funky to functional!  We love how the women below rock fur with confidence and age appropriateness!  If you seek glam, just add fur! #BelleFare